About the Podcast


Building a Stronger Community From the Ground Up

From the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

This podcast series about the Greater Hartford, Connecticut region illustrates the struggles and resilience of a proud American city, and shows how we can build a stronger, more inclusive community. We speak with experts and regular people about the disparities in our country, and what we can do to reverse decades of structural racism and bad policy decisions. Produced by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. 

Tyler Johnson

Narrated by Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson is a Hartford resident and one of the founders of ActUp Theater in the city’s West End. She has a vast array of theater, voiceover and audio production experience. 


Produced By: Tom Zeleznock, Michaela Mendygral, Steph MacGillivary (season 1), Autumn Gordon-Chow (season 1)

Edited By: Tom Zeleznock

Narrated By: Tyler Johnson

Intro Music: “Falling” by Among the Acres