Month: November 2019

Episode 5: What is a Basic Human Need?

When we think of basic human needs, we usually think of food and shelter. And while those are critical, it’s time we expand the definition of a basic human need. How do we offer people the supports they need to overcome barriers and become fully productive members of society? Episode 5: Transcript English Spanish

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Episode 4: College vs. Non-College

When we were growing up, students were divided in two paths: College and Non-College. That type of thinking has changed. How do we ensure that everyone gets a quality education and goes on to a successful career and life? We talk to educators, researchers and students and attempt to challenge some assumptions about education. Episode…

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Episode 3: Careers, Not Jobs

A number of people in our region face barriers to employment that prevent them from reaching their full potential. In this episode, we’ll talk about Skill Attainment and Workforce Development. How do we help people find not just jobs, but careers? Episode 3: Transcript English Spanish

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